Speedheater 1100 Starter System


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  • Speedheater 1100
  • Window Arm
  • Weatherboard Scraper

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The Speedheater 1100 is a revolutionary innovation for removing paint from house exteriors, windows, furniture and other forms of carpentry. Unlike other paint removing methods (heat guns, chemicals etc) the Speedheater 1100 uses infrared heat to soften paint which results in much less damage to the surface & makes clean up much easier. Comes with a 2 year home use warranty.

More information please click – http://www.speedheater.eu/

Using new infrared technology developed and manufactured in Sweden – this is the no chemical solution to paint stripping. It is safe to use on lead based paints, unlike other methods (sanding and heat guns).

Strip house exteriors, doors, window frames, skirtings, architraves, furniture and boats – in fact anywhere you have paint or varnish on wood.

This is a completely different type of heat from a heatgun. Infrared is a penatrative heat that heats the wood rather than burning through the paint(like a heat gun). By heating the wood the infrared breaks the bond between the lowest layer of paint and the wood – removing all layers at once.

If you have used heat guns or chemicals before this will exceed your expectations. It strips faster, easier and with less mess. You can paint over it immediatedly or the unit can be used in a 2 stage process to finish off interior wooden surfaces removing paint residue and leaving a clean natural timber finish.

If you have paint stripping to do – this is the tool for you. It is a one off cost and you have the tool at the end of it. The infrared lamps will give you 5000 hours of stripping time, with no additional outlay.